Money is the Root of All Love

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Money is the Root of All Love

Today is English language day so I thought I would talk about words and their meaning like: Money is the root of all love. This is a simple statement and no doubt a controversial one. But, it’s easy to buy into the idea of a statement without fully understanding it. You could take the headline of this post, repeat it and attempt to live by its ideology. But, what’s at the core of the message? And, how is that affecting your life and others around you?

It’s a great question because words mean something.

A lot more than we give credit for oftentimes. A quote from a George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty Four drives home the implications of this.

“If you control the language, you control the argument

If you control the argument, you control information

If you control information, you control history

If you control history, you control the past

He who controls the past controls the future.”

I find that quote to be true. It’s clear to me that the understanding of this manipulation is being used by “Big Brother” in sinister ways today. And, that manipulation controls us on a day to day basis. Control that has the power to render our existence meaningless.

In the book titled: The Theory of Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, the protagonist (Winston Smith) hates “Big Brother” (referred to as all powerful and infallible). No one has ever seen Big Brother and is certain that he will never die.

Because of his threat to “Big Brother”, Winston Smith is arrested. Upon his capture he asks: “Does Big Brother exist the same way I do?” (Meaning: is Big Brother an actual human being?). The chilling answer is: “You do not exist”.

More well-known (and far more hopeful) is idea that: The truth will set you free. The Bible, as Christians see it, is the truth. And, it talks about money more than any other topic (in total 2,350 verses).

Money is obviously a VERY important topic. Why? Because money is the great magnifying glass. It makes a good person better and a bad person worse. And, is the one thing that has the chance more than any other of standing between us and God.

To illustrate the power of words, consider the widely-used statement “Money is the root of all evil”. And, apply this in the thoughts of people who consider themselves good and the people thought to be bad. The “bad” people show open perversion with money. And, “good” people form the idea that demonstrable perversion plus money equals “evil”. Conclusion: “Money is the root of all evil”. So, to be good one must not have too much money or any at all. Many people take the statement “money is the root of all evil” as conventional wisdom.

But, conventional wisdom is sometimes not so wise. And, the idea that “money is the root of all evil” is not true according to the Bible. The Bible reads: The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

By taking the word love out of the equation here, evil makes a great achievement that works double duty.

  • It perpetuates the behavior of the so-called “bad people” who know that money is not evil. But, miss the deeper virtue of understanding the role love plays in all their dealings with money.
  • It perpetuates the feeling of guilt by association of the so-called “good people”. Guilt that places them in bondage. The bondage of appealing to God on the one hand. And, appeasing cultural and family pressures to provide a certain life to loved one’s on the other. This can lead to the bondage of debt.

No matter who you or other’s identify you as, it can feel like a no win game. The desire to have or the desire to “walk right” seems useless in combating the bad effects that money has on us. After all, there is a real and practical life we live and money is smack in the center no matter how we cut it. And, of all our best efforts, money is still the number one reason for most hardship. It’s the number one reason for personal stress, stress in relationships and divorce.

If an enemy (whether Big Brother or Satan himself) wanted us to live a nonexistent life, the best place would be to manage our behaviors, habits and keep us misunderstood on the topic of money. And, words may very well be the primary tool to achieve this. Words which have the power to limit our beliefs about money.

With the right understanding, we can break our limiting beliefs about money and use our abundance of it as a weapon against evil. Money CAN be a root of love.

Let’s talk! Do you think people misunderstand the role money plays in their life?

No one knows your money like “U”!

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Money is the Root of All Love
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