UGRU Financial Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most common questions:

What is a Financial Coach?

Financial Coaches create positive and real financial changes in people’s lives by helping them:

  • Stop the financial pain associated with budgeting and debt
  • Prevent bad money decisions with good financial knowhow
  • Build good financial habits
  • Find value in themselves
  • Confidently set higher goals
  • Find money they didn’t think they had
  • Save money they didn’t think they could
  • Address finances they feared discussing with others
Why is a Financial Coach important?

Traditional Financial Services is the least trusted of all professions in the USA. People are tired of:

  • Blindly listening and getting burned
  • They are tired of getting products pushed down their throat and…
  • They are tired of over paying for a service that under delivers

American’s now know that products and performance have very little (10%) to do with what REALLY builds wealth. It’s the habits and behaviors that precede the decisions they make (the 90%) that TRULY builds wealth and Financial Coaching is exactly what’s needed to remedy the Great American Household Financial Crisis.

Why hire a Financial Coach?

Financial Coaches get paid for results not from selling a product. There are many alternatives to build the financial know-how and emotional capacity needed for financial freedom but they pale in caparison to how a Financial Coach can set you up for success. You can see a matrix here.

In medical terms, the alternatives are hemorrhaging. Going a different route leaves you learning trial by fire. And, unless you’re a professional student, that’s not the way you want to go about building REAL and lasting financial change.


What are the benefits of being a Financial Coach?
  1. Low barriers to entry
  2. Career level pay for part time effort
  3. Personally benefit from your new knowledge
  4. Work from Home or anywhere in the world
  5. Everyone needs Financial help
  6. Rewards of knowing you’re making a positive difference
Who might be interested working as a Financial Coach?

Financial Coaching can be very rewarding if you are:

  • Financially savvy and are already helping people like family and friends or
  • Already in the industry as an advisor, life agent, CPA etc. And, want to add coaching as part of your service offering.
  • Maybe you’re already a life coach or business coach and want to improve your skills in the personal finance side for your clients OR maybe you work in
  • Corporate America but have a passion for helping people better manage their money by helping them with budgets, better discipline or decision making and want to bridge into a new career doing that.
What are the licensing and certification requirements?

There are no licensing requirements because Financial Coaches do not sell investment or insurance products. However, there are professional Financial Coaching designations that can be earned though industry associations.

What tips would you give for people that want to be a Financial Coach?
  • Align yourself with someone that is willing to mentor you
  • Work within a successful system that someone has created (you run the system, the system runs the business)
  • Work virtual and keep your overhead low
  • Use technology that you know has worked for other Financial Coaches
  • Use Marketing that has worked for other Financial Coaches
Tell me a little about yourself

Ken is a retired investment advisor, author and architect of UGRU financial software. He has built a training program for people who want to be Financial Coaches that is powerful and results oriented. In this program Coaches are trained in three areas of mastery:

  • Coaching Mastery
  • Financial Mastery
  • Business Mastery

The program offers:

  • Sales and marketing help and materials
  • Stories, analogies and coaching tips
  • Mentor coach access
  • Schedule and curriculum
  • Proprietary technology
  • Business templates
  • Website and more
How can I learn more?

Learn more by visiting us at or by calling 800.894.3064. Send us an email to or connect through FACEBOOK HERE


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