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Begin your Journey to Financial Freedom


UGRU One-on-One Financial Coaching

Our Live Coaching sessions are designed to empower you to become financially free with the help of an accountability partner! We’ll guide and help you address your most painful financial issues, to learn how to face your financial world, how to maintain a disciplined budget and making better decisions with your money.

  • Calculate your way through your most important financial decisions.
  • Change your financial behaviors and learn to create new and better habits.
  • Learn to stop living your financial life as a wandering generality AND live with meaningful purpose.
  • Control what you Can. Manage what you can’t.

Thrive Coaching

Create new behaviors and habits, get the answers and resources you need now to meet your financial goals. Thrive Coaching helps you become more intentional with your finances while having an accountability partner by your side.


Master Class

Learn how to create fully comprehensive financial plans at a fraction of the cost of alternatives and cut plan creation in half. Explore each category of your finances iteration by iteration until you have discovered the most optimal decisions for each area of your financial life.


Retained Coaching

Get on-going support, motivation and the knowledge so you can achieve your lifetime goals with weekly or monthly coaching sessions.


"Ken showed me which order to distribute retirement income
and saved me 10's of thousands. 
But more than that,
he always had my best interest at heart - he really cared".
Rochelle P.
Business Owner
"Wonderful coaching! If only I had followed ALL of it earlier."
Suzanne G.
Las Vegas Performer
"Ken is the only one I've really trusted with my finances".
Jeff S.

Get the encouragement to stick with the behaviors needed to achieve your financial  goals and  learn how to calculate your way through your most important financial decisions!