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Who needs Thrive Coaching

If the Breakthroughs Class is the “HOW”, Thrive Coaching is the “WHY”.

If you have tried other advisors, insurance agents or coaches and failed or just didn’t achieve the long term behavior you expected, you likely have not done this one thing that guarantees you stay disciplined long after.

You’ve started on your path to maintaining a disciplined budget but have a thousand questions now that you’re actually in the throes of buying a house, needing life insurance, starting that long overdue 401k AND struggling (yes struggling) with your new found solvency, then this course is for you.

Thrive Coaching Benefits

There are 3 distinct benefits of Thrive Coaching

  • Focus – No more hocus-pocus, just focus. You can slowly “hack” your way to success or you can get the answers and resources you need now.
  • Master your Mindset – Our brains are hardwired for survival. The irony is this survival instinct can actually sabotage your success. Have you ever gotten close to achieving something and then for some reason backed out because it just felt safer? That’s your survival instinct at work and thrive coaching can help you become more intentional (there’s nothing more powerful than a made up mind).
  • Accountability – Like Mark Twain said: “Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often”. Great ideas are all over, but mission accomplished is a totally different animal. A coach gives you someone you can be accountable to.
  • Through Thrive Coaching you’ll learn to stop living your financial life as a wandering generality AND live with meaningful purpose. The class is in a group format which ensures that you’re not alone in your challenges, you are able to give and receive support from your class and you might just find an accountability partner.
  • In addition: Deep discount on highly valuable knowledge that would normally cost over $4,000 through one-on-one sessions. You will learn your personal “Why”, why your bad financial past, priorities and giving is so important AND, you will learn the ONLY way to sustain the new habits you will learn. Without this your chances of falling off the wagon is almost certain.

How we work together during Thrive Coaching

  • Accountability is a huge issue and is a focal point here. This is why Thrive Coaching is packaged over 12 months.
  • You can gain knowledge but, whether its quality information is often unknown. Applying that knowledge for your benefit will take time and your one-on-one coaching sessions ensure that the decisions unique to your situation, are the best decisions you can make for yourself.
  • Thrive Coaching will start with intensive meetings. Then we move to monthly meetings designed to address the roadblocks that inevitably arise as you implement your plan, celebrate achieving milestones and continue with deeper resolve to achieve that life you’ve imagined.

What it includes

  • Free book: Right Where They Want You: Why You’re Not Rich And What To Do About It
  • Budget Tool
  • A vacation stay in one of 50 destinations around the globe

Thrive Coaching Course Details

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