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Discover how to make the most optimal financial decisions with your insurances, real estate, investments with the best guided financial planning

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Experience One-on-One Thrive Coaching paired with guided financial planning and discover the most optimal financial decisions you should make for your financial future!

All this including our most complete Breakthroughs Online Training system which includes LIFETIME ACCESS to our best hand-picked online courses giving you insider tips, basic to advanced financial knowledge, world-class tools and strategies plus much more. 

Achieve Financial Independence with the best financial guidance. Sign up for the Masters Membership

The Masters Experience

The act of parting with a dollar to fix a problem is the easy part. Where the REAL progress takes place is in the material change of habits and behaviors. The courses in the membership offer great knowledge and critical thinking skills. BUT, executing great decisions and sticking with it, that’s where wealth is REALLY built.

What You Get

Guided Financial Planning with Retirement Destinations™ Planning Software

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. If you have been sold a financial product without proper planning, you have likely experienced financial malpractice.

This is why we say: Money should not be a spectator sport.

When was the last time you paid for a seat at a sporting event and won the game? Sounds like a silly question, but that is exactly what we do handing our finances over to someone else, we pay to lose.

A guided process where you discover the most optimal financial decisions through our category-iterative philosophy.

Category-Iterative Planning

Our Retirement Destinations™ Software makes it easy to discover the most optimal financial decisions you should make for your financial future!

_Get guided financial planning with our Retirement Destinations Software! it's easy!

it's easy!
We'll show You How to Use It


If you're tired of internet confusion, bad advice, being sold, or over paying for a service that under delivers, we can help you!


Stepping into retirement can be stressful, if not, downright terrifying. Find out how John and Laurie changed their dire situation!


If you had a financial plan completed, you may be disappointed to find your situation isn’t what you believe it is.


More people are unprepared for retirement than ever before because something is broken in the way we’ve been taught to build wealth.

If you’re serious about building your nest egg, you’ve likely talked to the insurance agent, financial advisor, tuned into financial actors on the radio and searched the internet for answers probably just like you’re doing right now. If you’re like most you are tired of:

  • Blindly listening to financial advice and getting burned.
  • Getting financial products pushed down their throats
  • Overpaying for a financial service that under delivers
  • Coming up more confused after Google and YouTube searches.

Our Masters Membership can help you make sense of it all.

Americans are unprepared for retirement! Discover how not to become one of them HERE
Is your retirement more than years away_ Check your options!


Chris was being sold a bundled life insurance investment, but was also told that “buy term, invest the difference” was the best way to go.

After using the Destinations planner he was taught in the Masters Membership, he had his answer.

We won’t say which is which here, but would you want to play this guessing game without having the power at your fingertips to know the difference?


John and Laurie were stepping into retirement very concerned about their future. They had minimal income and limited liquid assets for future financial needs.

Before becoming a Masters Member, they had a shortfall 10 years into retirement. After implementing strategies you see below, they regained confidence in their financial future.




Strategy #1 added three more years in retirement reducing their shortfall over $60,000!


Strategy #2 was a huge step that added over a decades worth of golden years cutting their shortfall nearly in half!


Strategy #3 added another year and reduced their shortfall another $13,000. Every little bit counts!


After Strategy #4 they crossed the finish line! They not only had no financial shortfall in retirement, but now were happy they could leave some money to their heirs.


Strategy #5 sweetened the pie by adding another $90,000 buffer to an already good situation. We couldn’t be happier for them, and they sleep much better these days!


If you had a financial plan completed, you may be disappointed to find your situation isn’t what you believe it is. We have run across many people that thought they were set with a future that looked like this.

If you had a financial plan completed, you may be disappointed to find your situation isn’t what you believe it is. Learn more here


But found it looked more like this. Of course, the Masters Membership helped optimize their financial decisions and regain the confidence they previously had.

What Clients Say

It helped us into a home and pay off debt we didn't think was possible.
William & Bobbie J Smith
Las Vegas, NV
Ken saved me tens of thousands. But more than that, he always had my best interest at heart - he REALLY cared.
Business Owner
Wonderful coaching! If only I had followed ALL of it earlier.
Suzanne G.
Las Vegas Performer

Thrive with Masters

What You Get

Thrive coaching offers three specific things:

FOCUS – You can slowly “hack” your way to success, maybe. Or, you can get the answers and resources you need.

MASTER YOUR MINDSET – Our brains are hardwired for survival. The irony is this survival instinct can actually sabotage your success. Have you ever gotten close to achieving something and then for some reason backed out because it just felt safer? That’s your survival instinct at work and Thrive Coaching can help you become more intentional with your money.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Mark Twain said: “Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often”. Great ideas are all over, but mission accomplished is a totally different. When you work with us, expect results.
Thrive coaching will help you through a tough spot, cross the finish line and execute on the amazing knowledge found in the Breakthroughs course work.

Experience Breakthroughs with your Masters Membership

Experience over 13 hours of hands-on personal finance online courses where you will discover basic to advanced financial knowledge with strategies, tools and calculations that are easy to follow and of practical application. All Breakthroughs modules include worksheets, assessments and exercises that explore overcoming limiting money beliefs, budgeting, real estate, insurance and retirement planning with bite-size video sessions; you can access anytime, anywhere for a LIFETIME.

What You Get

Right Where They Want You

In this course you’ll experience the transformation of your thinking in eleven distinct areas that limits most everyone from achieving financial independence. Based on Ken’s third book “Right Where They Want You: Why You’re not Rich and What to Do about It”.

RWTWY Course now available!
_Right Where They Want You_ Why You're not Rich and What to Do about It_ included with the course!

What You Get

"Right Where They Want You Book"

Download “Right Where They Want You” and discover:

  • The importance of knowing why you want money.
  • How financial advisors make you poor and what to do about it.
  • Internal culprits sabotaging success and how to keep them in check.
  • Why budgeting doesn’t work and how to fix it.
  • Why your past hasn’t defined you but, prepared you for a great future.
  • Why the financial plan your professional completed for you is likely all wrong and what to do about it.
  • Tools to synthesize overwhelming and contradictory financial advice, plus so much more!

What You Get

Stop the Pain!

Discover how to stop feeling powerless, stop feeling insecure and stop fearing your financial future. In this course you will: 

  • Find the most optimal way to pay down your debt. There isn’t just the snowball and avalanche. There are two other ways you may be overlooking!
  • Learn multiple ways to put money in your pocket right now!
  • Implement new ways to save $14,000 on your next car.
  • Learn how to save on auto insurance and 11 other types of insurances.
  • Discover how to regain lost opportunities that are costing you over $150,000
  • Discover over $900,000 of money growing tips.
Stop fearing your financial future with Stop the Pain! course now
Get free access to UGRU Budget Tool! We have moved from the Spreadsheet to our software! Try it FREE for 14 days!

What You Get

Budget Tool Access

Get access to UGRU Budget Tool for all of your accounts, bills, transfers, reports, goals and more in one place

  • Stay one step ahead with the Forecasting Feature which tells you in advance whether spending money is going to break you in the next few months.
  • Play offense with your bills by monitoring on the calendar.
  • Work toward a single payment plan to reduce time, confusion and fees.
  • Easily see when funds are low, so you can manage your money like an insider.
  • Construct your budget with built in budget categories and subcategories or add your own to help you improve spending behavior through easy to read reports.

What You Get

The Spiritual Side of Money

Where you’ll discover:

  • Why you’re pursuing money.
  • How to harness the true and misunderstood power of attracting wealth.
  • How to work through limiting money beliefs.
  • How to gain focus on your finances.
  • How to tap into abundance you didn’t think you had.
  • What will keep you from never turning back once you’re well off.
  • The steps you need to take to ensure you have more than just brief success with money.
  • How to tap into your happiness trifecta.
  • How to make some great spare-time money.
  • How to add $1,000s in tax write offs.
Discover the steps you need to take to ensure you have more than just brief success with money. Sign up for this course now!
Learn five things you MUST consider before buying Long Term Care Insurance and four ways to decrease the cost of it plus more, with our Effective Insurance Planning course!

What You Get

Effective Insurance Planning

Where you’ll discover:

  • Learn five things you MUST consider before buying Long Term Care Insurance and four ways to decrease the cost of it.
  • Why the pros argue about which type of life insurance is right and what is REALLY right for you.
  • How to calculate your own amount of insurance so you know you are not buying more (or less) than you need and easily save over $70,000 knowing where to find the best deals.
  • Put over $100k in your pocket on old life policies in your living years and tips to save bundles on all types of insurance.
  • Discover how to synthesize this abundant financial knowledge for your practical application.

What You Get

Effective Retirement Planning

Where you’ll discover:

  • Discover how to build a solid retirement and the new viewpoint you NEED to achieve it.
  • Learn to calculate your own retirement needs and to think critically when making your investment decisions.
  • Discover why you haven’t experienced the long-term average 12% returns some professionals claim you can get and what to do about it.
  • How to be a winner under any stock market environment and how to save over $100,000 in management fees.
  • Learn the three ways to save and the three worlds of investing and how to make them work for you.
  • Discover the strategy that put money in Ken’s clients pocket, saved them from market downturns and outperformed the S&P 500, all with minimal management fees.

Learn to calculate your own retirement needs and to think critically when making your investment decisions plus more with our Effective Retirement Planning course!
Build REAL wealth step-by-step with real estate even if the only property you have is your personal residence! Start today! (1)

What You Get

Real Estate & Finance

Where you’ll discover:

  • The entire home transaction process simplified.
  • How online calculators can be misleading and why it’s important to learn for yourself.
  • How ads are hurting your chances for financial success.
  • Different lending like hard money, portfolio and conventional and what they should be used for.
  • What’s TRULY right for you, the 15 or 30-year mortgage. You might think you know but if you are wrong you stand to lose $130,000!
  • How people are working to try and take your money while you’re working hard for it and how to protect yourself from that.
  • How to seize the banks license to steal money from you.
  • What they REALLY mean when realtors say location, location, location.
  • What to look for so you KNOW that you are buying right when it comes to your principle residence and investment properties. This could line your pockets with an additional $150,000!
  • How to execute an overarching real estate strategy to build wealth out of thin air.

What You Get

Certificate of Completion

Why is this certificate important? One word, proficiency.

When you take a college course or even obtain a degree at a university, say a degree in finance, you are educated on the topic, but what I always looked for when hiring an advisor was not how educated they were. I looked for how proficient they were.

I knew if they were proficient, they would execute REAL value for clients, and they would generate REAL profits for my financial practice.

When you are proficient, this means you are competent or skilled in doing something or using something. In this case proficient in critical financial thinking and using finance calculations to aid in that critical thinking. These make you capable of tying together overarching strategies that are far better than using an assortment of tactics that you one off learn on the internet, a tip from a friend or heard from a meeting with an advisor.

Patch working these tactics in your personal finances likely end up working against each other.

This certificate isn’t just a certificate of completion, you have to earn it. There are 100 questions and you need to pass with a minimum of 80% to prove you know the material.

If you had this certificate and were looking for a job when I was in practice, I’d hire you in a heartbeat!

You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon completing your Financial Coaching Course! Found out more
Lifetime access, anywhere to our Breakthroughs Course!

What You Get

Membership Lifetime Access 

  • Courses are updated as legislation changes.
  • Courses are updated when additional material is added.

As a member, you get those updates without having to pay again. If a course/membership is retired, access to a comparable course/membership will be granted. Details found in Prosperity Path Agreement.

What You Get

Trade Trax™ Alerts

Invest with an Edge with our Trade Trax™ Alerts and successfully trade stocks and crypto with ease.

Trade Trax™ service sends you electronic alerts with buy and sell signals so you can make the trades you want with no expensive management fees.

It’s simple, professional, saves time, money and there’s no experience necessary.

Start Investing in Stocks and Crypto with Ease_. Get Trade Trax™ Alerts with your Masters Membership.

Masters Membership

Holistic Guided Financial Planning


thrive Coaching

LIFETIME Access to all online Courses

Full Access to UGRU Budget Tool

Certificate of Completion

book "Right Where They Want you"

Schedule a call with Ken, retired investment advisor and coach, and start achieving financial independence!

Meet Your Coach

Ken Gulliver

Retired Investment Advisor | Author

For nearly three decades Ken has gone from a top quintile advisor at Merrill Lynch and a top 1% Investment Advisor, by revenue, in the United States to building a company and tools that truly serve people’s financial needs.

He is battle proven, calling the downturn of 2008 and 2020 for his clients, and warns of the next that is upon us in his third hard-hitting book, Right Where They Want You: Why You’re Not Rich and What to Do about It.

But, more than that, multiple awards showcase his dedication to the people he serves.

Ken is the only one I've really trusted with my finances.
Jeff S.
Ken protected me from losing my 401k.
John Roberts
Ken saved me from losing half my retirement savings!
Office Assistant - Goodyear, AZ

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