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The UGRU Stocks™ subscription service alerts you with simple buy and sell signals every time several key criteria is met.


The criteria is based on the same portfolio management process and philosophy used by a professional Investment Advisor.

Save Time

Alerts are sent to you through our private Telegram channel. You decide to make the trade, which only takes a few minutes.

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Stop paying expensive management fees. Use your preferred trading platform and make your trades, anytime, anywhere.

How UGRU Stocks™ Works

The most important part of investing is knowing when to enter and exit an investment rationally without fear or greed. For example:

  1. If you purchased a house, would you say you invested in real estate?
  2. If you bought shares of Google, would you say you invested in stocks
  3. If you invested in Bitcoin, would you say you invested in Crypto?
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Successfully Trade Stocks & Crypto with Ease_, see how it works

In 2022, 80,000 people lost millionaire status because they didn’t invest in probability.*

Whether you know it or not, you’re REALLY investing in probability.

The challenge is most people don’t know whether their investment has a higher probability of going up or down.

This is because their decisions are typically based on emotion where optimism is taken over by greed then eventually fear and this process is recycled over a lifetime.

*Read article here 80,000 lost millionaire status

And because of that they experience an incredibly low rate of return of somewhere between 1% and 4% average.

Inside of those emotional cycles they make their decisions typically based on three things:

  1. Is the chart going up/down?
  2. Is the brand popular?
  3. Do I buy the product?

All of these make for incredibly unsuccessful investing. Take point number one, investing because the chart looks like it has a history of going up. 

Successfully Trade Stocks & Crypto with Ease_. No experience needed

What they are seeing is the past and that’s like driving down the road using only your rear-view mirror.


They see a chaotic heartbeat line because they’re looking at what’s called an arithmetic chart… 

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But, if they were considering investing in an adoptive technology they might look at a logarithmic chart like here…

But, most would see this and argue it’s no more clear than the other chart… and, they’d be right unless we overlaid regression lines and my guess would be that you’d still look at the chart wrong, let’s find out…

To look at this chart the right way you should turn your head to the right. Now, imagine the yellow line is the line in the middle of the road.

If you started veering to the left, what would you do? Steer to the right, of course. And, if you were veering to the right you’d correct to the left, yes?

_Successfully Trade Stocks & Crypto with Ease._ Start here-5
Successfully Trade Stocks & Crypto with Ease._ Start here-7

Now that the road is clear, it’s infinitely easier to know how we might want to invest using a mix of dollar cost averaging and our Investment Policy Statement.

So, if we had $10,000, we are a lot less likely to put all of it in right now, because this investment is only slightly oversold meaning the probability of great gains is not very high.

So we might only invest 10% of our cash per month until we reach the lower logarithmic regression line where we are in over sold territory giving us a higher probability of near future gains.

And, as the pricing starts moving up, we may start selling small amounts as we pass through the yellow line into the overbought area or upper logarithmic regression line.

This would be smart investing where you had a predefined Investment Policy Statement managing your investing behaviors so fear and greed are kept at bay.

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Who is behind UGRU Stocks™

For nearly thirty years Ken has been a top quintile advisor at Merrill Lynch and a top 1% Investment Advisor (by revenue) in the United States.

He is battle proven, calling the downturn of 2008 for his clients, and warned of the most recent that is upon us in his book, Right Where They Want You: Why You’re Not Rich and What to Do about It.

But, more than that, multiple awards showcase his dedication to the people he serves.

“I’m on a mission to equip you with the tools, resources, knowledge and actionable know-how you need to build real and lasting wealth.”

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UGRU Stocks™ Tips and Insights

Below are some things to think about as a UGRU Stocks™ subscriber:

UGRU Stocks™ is intended to relieve you of many burdens so you can live your life, don’t:

UGRU Stocks™​ FAQs

You receive every alert based on the same portfolio management philosophy I used as a professional Investment Advisor. 

Yes, you just need the ability to make the trades in the account.

No, UGRU Stocks™ exists because I have clients that don’t have a lot of time. Once you receive an alert, you decide whether you want to make the trade. If you do, then it’s only one to two minutes on your part.

Nope! All you need is a trading account.

No. This is not a get rich quick scam. I’ve used a wealth building philosophy for many years now (control what you can, manage what you can’t). UGRU Stocks™ is the “manage what you can’t” part, which is investing. But, investing rarely makes the biggest impact when building wealth (that would be financial planning). Financial planning is not a requirement to take advantage of UGRU Stocks™ but, you may want to go thru our Retirement Destinations™ to learn all about the “control what you can” part.

That’s up to you. When I managed portfolios as a professional, I used Charles Schwab but, there are many great platforms out there like M-1, Robinhood, etc. For crypto, many of my clients use Coinbase and KuCoin.

I always tell my clients, I have a crystal ball but, it’s been broken for a long time. So, the downside is, well, there’s downside. This is inescapable (no matter how smart you are). The good news is perspective:

  1. Our alerts can significantly limit the downside and,
  2. The downside represents volatility and we want that for opportunity.

Good or bad, you will see results within the first few weeks. However, this is not something that you “try” for a few weeks. Investment performance is measured quarterly and, three quarters is usually enough to see whether a strategy is working as hoped. 

No, UGRU Stocks™ is a subscription service and you can cancel anytime.

At any given time we are sending alerts on approximately 20 stocks and Crypto. Currently, we are sending alerts on:

ETFs: Vanguard S&P 500 (VOO), NASDAQ (QQQ).

Crypto: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP).

Stocks: American Express (AXP), Exxon Mobile (XOM), United Health Care (UNH), Nvidia (NVDA), Advanced Microdevices (AMD), Adobe (ADBE), Alphabet – formerly Google (GOOG), Amazon (AMZN), Tesla (TSLA), Coinbase (COIN), Fortuna Silver Mines (FSM) Super Micro Computer Inc. (SMCI).

Simply put, we want volatile investments that have large trading volume and selected the Stocks and Crypto based on marketplace position with a good variety of sector coverage.

The alerts could be hours, days or weeks apart for each investment. If you had multiple holdings, you might see an alert for any given holding every day or two.

Most trading platforms offer free trading but, they may have spreads. So, depending on the platform, you could see up to 1% per trade. However, that can be as low as 0.04%.

If it helps, you can see a short write up on the best free trading platform HERE.

Not much. You can start by investing a small monthly amount of a couple hundred dollars or a small starter balance of $1,000.

That’s up to you but the more money you’re working with the more diversification you should have. For example, if you had $5,000 you might want to follow one alert. If you had $25,000 or more, you might want to follow 2-4 alerts. Again, that is up to you, just remember, diversification is not as important here because we are vigilantly trading so following more than three alerts can be a bit much.