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Right Where They Want You: Why You're Not Rich and What to Do about It

There’s a reason they don’t teach money in school and, why more people are financially worse each year. Until now, you’ve only been sold the dream. It’s time. Empowerment to fulfill that dream lies in the pages of this book.

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Ken Gulliver author of Right Where They Want You

About the Author

Ken Gulliver is a financial coach and motivational speaker. Right Where They Want You is his hard-hitting third book based on twenty-five years of extensive experience in financial services. In this time, he has seen the good, bad and the ugly from all aspects of personal finance and concluded that traditional financial services are broken.

This book is about you, your relationship with money and how you can overcome what you may have thought impossible. In this book you'll discover...

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What People Say?

Great and informative read

A really terrific look into the world of finances and how you can take steps to control your money. The author takes a real honest approach to the topic of money, shares lots of personal experiences in his own journey and includes many wonderful, uplifting quotes from some rather significant figures. What I appreciate most is how Mr. Gulliver discusses the importance of giving on more than one occasion. This is something one can lose sight of when planning for a bright financial future.

Excellent information about an important topic

Mr. Gulliver has extensive experience in the financial services industry. I admire his courage in sharing his insights on the industry. The shocking facts that are presented in the book are that most people nearing retirement age are very unprepared financially for retirement. This is in spite of extensive investing with "financial advisors" who have painted a glowing picture of how they will handle their portfolios but don't deliver results.

Incredibly eye-opening!

An eye-opening book into the reality that most of us are uneducated when it comes to money! The author gives firsthand knowledge into the world of financial advising and insight into why that might not be the only way to increase your wealth. It’s a direct, honest and sometimes humorous read that makes you second guess your own ideologies on money. It challenges you to reprogram your mind frame and inspires you to not only want to start now, but consider a different and more fulfilling approach all together! Highly recommend!

Great insight

Excellent book for the novice investor or anyone who wants to learn great and proven strategies. Looking forward to Ken’s next book with updates and insight on todays ever increasing interest in crypto currency’s. A must read for all.

You are 100% responsible for your own finances

What a fantastic learning curve about financial advisors. They don't care about you. They only care about YOUR money and how to make them rich. It's a vicious cycle just like your clothes in the washing machine at the end of its cycle, just spinning around and around. I learned there's more in life than just money, but faith plays a huge part in your life as well. I also learned that it's time for me to take hold of my own finances and take 100% accountability for them myself, while cutting out the middleman. One quote in the book that I'll hang up on my wall, "Bad things don't happen to me, they happen for me." We all get stronger for it. Great read. Kudos to the author.

Great Read!

This book is loaded with great information for anyone from the novelist who is looking to get started with a financial adviser to the seasoned investor. The point is NO ONE cares more about your money than you.
Experience a tectonic shift in money limiting beliefs with Right where they want you. Get your e-Book free!

Experience a tectonic shift in limiting money beliefs

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