Who should enroll in the UGRU Coach Course?

UGRU Coach Training Course is for aspiring coaches from all walks of life that want to join a winning team with a turn-key system for their coaching practice that covers: Coaching, Business and Financial Mastery, the three elements needed to prop you up as a world-class Financial Coach.


UGRU Coach Benefits

  • For the cost of the UGRU Coach course you will learn everything your clients will learn in the Breakthroughs and Thrive Coaching classes (a value of $4,400!).
  • Have the ability to become a coach trainer and become a part of the UGRU network of financial coaches which can bring leads from new coaches in need of mentoring and can bring leads from UGRU search traffic in your local area.
  • UGRU Financial Coach Certificate.
  • Training and access at a deep discount for end-to-end business platform making your career as a coach more enjoyable and your work far more efficient.
  • Access to Trainer and Master Coaches.
  • Access to Coaches Corner with all the documents, tools and curriculum you need to function efficiently.

How we work together during the UGRU Coach Course

  • In this course we will cover all the main subjects you will face in your own coaching practice and will arm you with the know how needed to face them.
  • Because this is a group session and time is limited, extensive Q and A after the session is complete is reserved for one-on-one or master sessions.
  • Learn how to use every facet of the UGRU business platform to operate an efficient practice. This is the same technology that helped Ken make a seven figure income as a financial advisor and it’s the same software used by our corporate staff today.

What it includes

  • Free book: The Unrivaled Advisor/Coach
  • Budget Tool
  • White papers
  • Deep discount on UGRU Professional technology, website with all the plugins you need, workflows, drip email templates, lead magnets, webinar template. (price discount applies if enrolled upon completion of Financial Freedom Strategy Session)

UGRU Coach Course Details

  • Group Intensive workshop
  • 12 weeks (classes are 1 time p/week)
  • 120 minutes per class
  • Price $4,800

UGRU Coach Training

We provide the tools and training. You provide the desire to succeed!