Discover the Path to Financial Prosperity

  • Stop fearing your Financial Future
  • Get the TOOLS, resources, KNOWLEDGE and actionable know-how you need to build REAL and lasting Wealth.


Achieve Financial Prosperity

  • Find Money you didn’t think you had
  • Save Money you didn’t think you could

A Strong Financial Foundation can Transform a Family

  • Stop fearing your financial future
  • Focus on a plan to get out and stay out of debt

UGRU Financial Coaching

The Journey to Financial Freedom starts here

UGRU Financial Coaching has a Vision: Solve the Great Household Financial Crisis. We accomplish this through our Mission: Empower families to financially prosper through Knowledge Applied and through our network of trained financial coaches who empower you:

  • Stop financial pain
  • Survive with good financial know-how
  • Thrive with good financial habits

These programs are powerful, unique and results oriented. UGRU Coaches are trained to deliver these programs through an intense curriculum constructed by retired investment advisor, author and architect of UGRU financial software. UGRU coaches are trained in three areas of mastery:

  • Coaching Mastery
  • Financial Mastery
  • Business Mastery

What financial challenges do you want solved?

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I want Financial Coaching

Discover the Path to Financial Freedom with our Individual and Group Classes. Our passion is to help you achieve balance in your live by making better financial decisions and shape your Financial future. Our goal is to help you FIND money you didn't think you had and SAVE money you didn't think you could!

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I want to be a Financial Coach

Learn about the world of financial coaching and find your opportunity in it. Start your own business and find fulfillment in helping people achieve Financial Freedom. Learn how to manage your personal finances, learn Financial Planning and much more with the Coaching Methodology & Technology Platform you need to succeed!

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UGRU Financial Coaching: behind the story.

We all have a story to share. UGRU Financial Coaching began when we looked at what’s missing in the current financial industry and the need for individuals to create real and positive financial changes in their lives.

We have a heart and a passion to help people achieve financial freedom by helping our communities and providing financial coach training to individuals that want to make an impact in people’s lives.


What people are saying…

-Tina in AZ-

“Coaching, financial and business training, website, marketing and technology…what more could a coach ask for.”

-John in NJ-

“UGRU equips you with the tools to coach others”.

-Charles in NV-

“In 26 years I had never made more than $140,000 per year. Working with Ken I was able to ramp up my annual revenues to over $900,000 in five years.”