Retirement Destinations™ The Best Financial Planning Software

Create high quality and fully comprehensive financial plans in half the time with the best in class financial planning.

Why you should consider Retirement Destinations™ Financial Planning Software

Retirement Destinations™ has all the features seen in the most popular financial planning applications, plus some found nowhere else.

Market dynamics

Market Dynamics replaces the “static” returns commonly used by advisors when constructing financial plans.

Decision center calculators

Easy to use calculators that analyze how common planning strategies will impact a plan.

Destination trax™

A hybrid investment strategy that couples an aggressive market account with a fixed indexed annuity.

Liquid asset priority​​

Determine the optimal income distribution order of your investment and bank accounts based on taxes, fees, and expected rate of return with just ONE click.

Reverse mortgage

Based on the variables input about the primary residence of the client, the user can test the economic value of a reverse mortgage.

Guaranteed income benefit

Test any account to see the gain or loss of exercising a guaranteed income benefit - NOT to be confused with simple annuitization which is also testable in the calculator.

Financial plan summary

Auto-generate an editable full overview word document from pre-built paragraphs based on each of your plan recommendations.

Roth IRA conversion

Test any qualified account using partial or full values for the economic benefit of performing a Roth conversion.

Money flow report

A convenient auto-generated spreadsheet report that easily directs staff to prep all paperwork based on your plan recommendations.

Retirement Destinations™ Features

Retirement Destinations™ financial planning software, provides goal based planning, needs analysis, cash flow planning, estate planning, advanced planning, investment planning, and retirement income planning. You can also model existing holistic financial pictures and test multiple scenarios using unlimited plan iterations.

Allows you to plan for a specific monetary goal over a certain number of years.

Forecasts cash inflows and outflows over several years.

Enables you to create financial plans that incorporates fine details.

  1. Liquid Assets. Takes into account charitable bequests, “as needed” and “per schedule” distribution choices per account, additional account contribution schedule and excess cash flow reinvestment, 1st and second growth, dividend and turnover assumptions, ability to split an accounts performance into growth and dividend for tax accuracy, considers cost basis, transaction costs, frequency of transactions and what portion of the growth rate is long or short term, accounts for death benefit guarantee, simple or compound GIB payouts, considers exclusion ratios, charitable bequests, illustrates taxable, tax free, tax deferred, equity and unique liquid assets and calculates assets inside or outside the estate.
  2. Pension Assets. Considers withdrawal limit schedules and corresponding penalties, RMD types (standard, joint table, inherited), stretch illustrations, allows for a delay of required beginning date to age, distinguishes between defined contribution and defined benefit plans, charitable bequests and calculates assets inside or outside the estate.
  3. Illiquid Assets. Loan illustration and type (amortized or interest only), refinance provisions, sale of asset provision, cost basis, excludable gain, charitable bequests, replacement provision, illustrates primary residence and multiple rental property and calculates assets inside or outside the estate.

Accounts for all recommendations made in the process of building the financial plan and builds a cover letter for the plan by auto populating template paragraphs that point out the recommendation, why the recommendation was made and the calculated value of that recommendation.

These are easy to use calculators for testing and analyzing how common planning strategies will holistically impact a financial plan. Once the value of the strategy has been optimized, you can implement it with a single click:

  1. Social Security Analyzer. A tool to determine when best to start your client’s social security income stream.
  2. Market Dynamics. You can use previous stock market periods and the corresponding performance in place of traditionally utilized static returns to stress test your financial plans. Helps you align your client’s future expectations so you can prevent disappointments at annual reviews and reduce client attrition.
  3. Liquid Asset Priority. This tool optimizes the distribution order of accounts in retirement.
  4. Destination Trax™. A proprietary investment strategy that incorporates a fixed indexed annuity and an aggressive securities account. Provides a historically proven competitive return with a fraction of the risk and cost to the client.
  5. Reverse Mortgage. Test for the economic value of performing a reverse mortgage in any year of the plan and identifies required or surplus funds from the implementation to help find the most optimal account.
  6. Mortgage Acceleration. Tests and applies the benefit of bi-weekly mortgages to the plan.
  7. Roth IRA Conversion. Test and applies the effect of performing a Roth conversion on any qualified asset account, in any year or over multiple years, and gives you the option to pay taxes out of pocket or from the account itself.
  8. Guaranteed Income Benefit. Tests the effects of converting any account into an insurance product with a guaranteed income stream.
  9. Term Life/LTC Calculator. Tests for effects on net worth of implementing a permanent, term life or LTC plan.
  10. Fixed Asset Reallocation Calculator. Tests the economic effect of reallocating a risky or other asset into something fixed.

Helps determine your client’s monetary needs through the interview process.

Allows you to plan tax-advantaged and protective strategies for the estate to benefit your client’s heirs.

Planning the risk levels of income providing asset accounts, the optimal distribution method and order, and comfortably ensuring a client’s retirement income.

Create Quality Financial Plans – Fast

The Decision Center financial calculators integrate all solutions holistically in the plan so you can create high quality professional financial plans in half the time with the best in class financial planning.

Best financial planning with our Retirement Destinations Software! it's easy!

Elevate your financial practice

Increase your production and Gain more recurring revenue

Retirement Destinations™

Best Financial Planning Software
$ 97 Monthly
  • Retirement Destinations™ Financial planning software
  • Decision center calculators – Save time creating your plans
  • Destination Trax™ Illustrations – Increase annuity production
  • Unlimited plans – demonstrate value to your clients
  • Tutorial videos – to master the Category-iterative process
  • Full case study – See how to add millions in your clients' pockets
  • Affiliate program – Incentivize your clients to refer others*
  • UGRU CRM software (BONUS)**
  • UGRU Budget Tool software (BONUS)
  • All tech with reseller rights – add recurring revenue to your business***

Coach Pro

Turn-key Financial Practice
$ 398 Monthly
  • Everything in Retirement Destinations™ plus:
  • Script templates – Book online appointments easier
  • Lead magnets – Grow your email list with freebies
  • Pre-built workflows – Manage client acquisition and maintenance
  • 300+ Training videos – Take your skills to the next level (a $10,000 VALUE)
  • UGRU Certificate – Expand client offerings and build recurring revenue
  • Full suite of scripted PPT engagements – Hit the ground running
  • Full set of legal agreements – for coaching engagements
  • Full online Coaching Product Suite – Get paid to educate your clients before you sell a financial product
  • Earn 80% for life per tech client and 100% on all coaching engagements*

UGRU Marketing

More Appointments. Less Headache
$ 597 Monthly
  • Everything in Coach Pro plus:
  • Marketing automation – Build your email list w/lead magnets
  • Script templates – Book online appointments easier
  • Full operational website – SEO for a pro appearance (a $7,000 VALUE)*
  • Social media vault – save 10hr/wk. with hundreds of deep value posts
  • Automated SM outreach – Save 3 hrs./day from connecting on SM**
  • Appointment Machine***
  • Virtual Assistant****

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High quality plans with
the best -in-class financial planning

holistic financial Planning

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save time

Create fully comprehensive financial plans at a FRACTION of the cost of the competitive alternatives and cut plan creation in half.

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