Sell More Annuities with Destination Trax™

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Destination Trax™ is a hybrid investment strategy solution for your clients that couples an aggressive market account with a fixed indexed annuity.

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What Destination Trax™ includes


Software solution

Test multiple scenarios against S&P 500 performance going back to 1950. Change amounts, bonus, maturity, cap rate and cap frequency.


Prospect illustrations

Easy to read illustrations in graph and year by year values that compare average return, total fee savings, liquidity and risk exposure.


Marketing collateral

Make use of compelling videos, landing pages and even data feeds straight to the UGRU CRM from requested illustrations.


Sales presentation

Use our short, fully scripted PowerPoint presentation to convey the benefits of Destination Trax™ to your prospects.

Destination Trax™ has a proven track record of reducing fees and volatility, and at the same time outperforming the major indices in many economic cycles.

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