Business & Finance Consultation


Stop piecemealing your financial practice with Fiverr! Building a business with people that don’t know your industry is a recipe for disaster.
I can offer you an end-to-end turn-key solution or, help you with your most acute pain points on a consulting basis.

See how I can help your business below!

Services are $75 per unit (1 unit = 15 minutes)
From the dropdown, select the amount of units of your consultation before making payment.

Retired Investment Advisor with 25 years of high-level success. I have published books, award finalist software, recruited and trained nearly 1,000 financial professionals, created online video coursework, public speaking, Top 1% Advisor. Let me help you from costly mistakes and leverage great decisions!
Everything I can help you with is with our in-house team and not outsourced.

How I can help your business:


  • Full stack CRM
  • Financial Planning software
  • Budget Tool software
  • Sales Presentations
  • Client engagement processes


  • Virtual Assistant campaigns
  • Marketing content
  • Lead Magnets
  • Growing list of templated Blogs and SM Posts
  • Marketing automation
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Book writing/editing/publishing
  • Web design and commerce integration


  • High level financial training
  • Business Systems
  • Workflows
  • Online Financial Education
  • Webinars
  • Software development