Coach Website and Apps Setup

This document was last updated on March 1st, 2021.

Some of the apps and systems recommend by UGRU may not apply to you. If you are not subscribing to Coach Pro and will not be utilizing UGRU CRM and Financial Planning Software, please skip Sections 1, 2 and 3.

Section 1.


Setting up your UGRU CRM

Your UGRU CRM will allow you to keep and manage all your contacts in one place. You can create and send marketing emails, create workflows, make phone calls, create and manage your documents and client’s documents plus much more. We will setup your CRM initially, you can add additional information and staff members once you are logged in. Details for setting up your account can be completed on the Coach Setup Form

Section 2.



Google Workspace

$6 per/mo. per user

We recommend Google Workspace (former G-Suite) for your email needs as it offers other features such as google forms, google meetings, google docs, google sheets, google drive; as well as the ability to create your business email with your domain. It is also affordable at $6 per user (business starter). They also offer support should you need help navigating their platform.

  1. Select the number of employees in your company and enter your contact details.
  2. If your business already has a domain, you will need to enter this information when prompted.
  3. You will be able to enter your username ie. and password.
  4. You will be prompted to review your payment plan and to try their 14-day trial. By default, Google workspace will select the Business Plus Plan ($18 per user, per month). You can continue with this plan and later, downgrade to Business Starter. Instructions on how to downgrade can be found HERE.

We recommend creating email alias address such as to manage your emails efficiently. Alias emails are free of charge. Learn more HERE

Mass (Marketing) Emails

Elastic Email

$0.09 per 1,000 emails sent for Email API plan

In the UGRU CRM, you can also obtain reports that will show you how many emails were opened, clicked, or bounced which will allow you to keep track of your marketing efforts. To take advantage of UGRU CRM mass email marketing features, you need to create an email delivery account with Elastic Email.

Elastic Email is a simple and fast email delivery service that will allow you to send up to 25 thousand emails a month. This is Bulk Email Services made easy and a great tool for marketing purposes.

  1. Create an Elastic Email account HERE.
  2. Provide UGRU Support with your login and password so we can connect elastic email with your CRM.
  3. Our support team will provide more instructions to ensure Elastic Email is setup correctly and working properly within UGRU CRM.

Section 3.


VOIP Services*

Jive (now GoToConnect)

Starts at $39 p/month – Pricing depends on how many lines you would like to add to your business phone.

Jive is our recommended Voice over IP (VOIP). VOIP technology allows you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection instead analog phone line. This is especially helpful when traveling, if you have staff members or a Virtual Assistant that lives in a different State or country. Jive’s VOIP systems also enables you to click-to-call your clients through UGRU CRM

The Jive PBX system will allow you to create multiple lines, forward calls to any phone number, create custom greetings and more.

Jive will provide you a free app to download on your phone to make calls and may provide you with a desk phone (the Jive mobile app does not allow for click-to-call from your CRM).

Upon acquiring Jive, you need to request the following from their support team:

  1. SIP credentials. This is a file with your username, password and domain information needed for your softphone to operate. A softphone is a piece of software that allows you to make phone calls over the internet via computer or smartphone.
  2. Set up the PBX for greetings, line management, voicemail, call forwarding, etc. Please note, when setting up your VOIP system, all incoming calls will only ring on your computer unless
    1. You have the downloaded the Jive app on your phone or,
    2. incoming calls are set up to ring on your computer and mobile device simultaneously or
    3. call forwarding is set up.

Make sure you choose the option best fits your business needs.

*Please note that VOIP services are not essential but are recommended especially if you want to make full use of UGRU CRM click-to-call feature. Also, not all VOIP providers are compatible with UGRU CRM such as Google Voice and GoDaddy Smartline.


Bria Solo or Bria Teams

Starts at $2.95 p/month ($35.40 per year billed annually)

Bria by Counterpath provides softphones that helps route your business phone to you receive or make calls from any mobile device or desktop computer. Works well with any VOIP provider and it is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac and it’s compatible with UGRU CRM. FREE 21-day trial is available.

Bria Solo is best if you are a Solo practitioner and you can install your softphone on three different devices Once you free trial ends, your account will be downgraded to Bria Solo Free with limited features. Learn more HERE.

Section 4.


Hosting, Website and Apps Setup

Your website will be created based on a site template that resembles UGRU Coaching main website. Color palette, personal information, site map, agreements, bio, and personal images will be changed per instructions we receive via the Coach Setup Form. Your Website will be built on WordPress.

UGRU will provide stock images for sections where images are not provided by Coach.

Hosting and Domain Options

We recommend BlueHost however, if you require to use a different hosting it could cause delays in project completion which could result in delays. If you already have a domain, please indicate on the Coach Setup Form.


(more affordable $108 per/yr. for basic plan)

  1. You can select the package that best fits your budget. The basic plan is recommended.
  2. Choose between creating a new domain or using your own.
  3. Enter your account information and select the package that best first your budget. Choose between 12, 24 or 36-month plan. All plans include a domain, WordPress. This is important because we will build your site on WordPress.
  4. SSL certificate for security is included in price and is required.
  5. Package extras are not necessary to be purchased. But if you do, be sure to uncheck any add-ons you do not wish to purchase.
  6. You may be asked if you want to add domain privacy for a fee. If you add privacy, your contact details will not be displayed publicly, and you will avoid unwanted solicitations.


Schedule Once

$9 per/mo. per user

Schedule Once is your recommended calendar app and it will be connected to your website for client bookings and prospective client strategy sessions. Schedule Once integrates with Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft teams and your Google calendar.

You can start with a 14-day free trial (no credit card required). After the free trial, the monthly payment is as low as $9 per user/month.

You will need to create and set up your calendar, you can contact ScheduleOnce via chat or email for instructions on how to setup your calendar pages. Once your calendar is setup, UGRU Support can access your account and copy the codes needed to embed on your webpage. If you already have a calendar with a different platform, please indicate on Coach Setup Form.

Payment Gateways

We recommend using two forms of Payment Gateways: Stripe and PayPal. Registering is free, but they will deduct 2.9% + $0.30 p/successful transaction.


Stripe allows you to receive one-time payments or create subscriptions to process recurring payments. Once you create the account you will need to set up your business settings where you will enter the name of your business, tax id and other contact information. Stripe will transfer money to your bank account within 2-3 business days upon payment receipt.


Once you create the account you will need to set up your business settings where you will enter the name of your business, tax id and other contact information.

Payments are transferred to your bank account 21 days after receipt. In many cases, you can expedite the process where you can get your payment within 7 days, however this is not the norm.

 E-Commerce Platform

All UGRU online courses will be available for you to promote and sell on your website. There are multiple ways to set up your online store, shopping carts and checkout pages. UGRU will install Woocommerce plugin on your site as it is free platform offered with your WordPress site.



Woocommerce is a free eCommerce platform to sell your products (either digital or tangible). UGRU pre-builds your digital online store within your site and will connect to your payment gateway.

*Add-Ons are recommended but price varies depending on the feature you would like to incorporate to your eCommerce site.

WooCommerce Subscriptions – Extension

$199 p/year

If you wish to offer payment plans or subscriptions for any of the UGRU courses you promote, we recommend purchasing WooCommerce Subscriptions, this will allow you to collect residual revenue and help your clients with easy payment plans.


$99 p/month

 SamCart allows to create checkout pages for your products, no need to have an online store such WooCommerce. The benefit of SamCart is that you can re-direct your customers to purchase your products directly to the checkout page which, helps dropping the cart abandonment rate. You can also offer subscriptions and payment plans with their Growth Plan.

Social Media

We will embed your personal/business social media accounts to your website. Simply select the accounts you want to embed on your site and provide to UGRU Support via the Coach Setup Form.

Fillable Forms



With JotForm you can create forms for your clients and embed videos to your forms, maps, social sharing, calendar, etc. You can use google forms as well, however they have limited functions in comparison. Primarily, you will only need one form which is the Strategy Session intake form.

This and any future forms you will need to provide to your clients are already created by UGRU and we will duplicate those forms into your JotForm account. UGRU support will give you further details on how to review your forms, create forms and setup notifications so you can be notified once submissions are received.

Chat (optional)



The Tawk.To app allows you to see your website activity such as visitor’s location, what pages they are visiting and, you can chat with them to help them with support questions or general information. branding cannot be removed unless you pay a subscription.

If you choose to use Tawk.To you can select this option on the Coach Setup Form. To start:

  1. Create an account for free.
  2. Select your language, enter your site name and URL.
  3. Enter the name of your team members and their role.
  4. Configure how your chat box looks, hours of operation, messages, etc. by accessing the Admin tab on the bottom left corner of your dashboard (cogwheel). If you need help with this section, reach out to the Tawk.To support team via chat.
  5. You will be asked to install the widget, but you can skip this section as UGRU will connect WordPress to your Tawk.To account and it will install automatically.


Should you have any questions please email