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The One Thing the IRS Can Never Tax

“Thinking is one thing no one has ever been able to tax” – Charles Kettering An American businessman, engineer and inventor ultimately holding 186 patents. From 1920 to 1947, Charles Kettering was the head of research at General Motors. Obviously, this was a man who knew how to think. Considering his many accomplishments, he was probably…

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Insurance or Equities? Which is Better for Your Retirement?

How is your retirement planning going? If you’re like nearly half of American families, you have between nothing and $1,000 saved away for retirement. Part of the problem is not knowing where to fit retirement savings into the budget, especially for families living from paycheck to paycheck. The other part is knowing what to do…

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10 Things You Must Do for a Rock Solid Retirement

If you were to Google “how to financially prepare for…” guess what would come dead last? Retirement. Pregnancy, divorce, college, a recession, and moving out of your parents’ house all beat it on the list! But that’s a problem, because retirement is arguably more costly in the long run than any of those things. There…

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